Minor and Major Side Effects of Viagra

Viagra sildenafil is a breakthrough drug that has changed the lives of millions of men suffering from impotence. Since its launch in 1998, Viagra has helped men with impotence lead a normal sexual life and brought in more intimacy in their personal relationships.

It’s been a decade now since Viagra has been in use and hence its safety and efficacy has been well established. However, like all other prescription medicines, Viagra also comes with certain side effect. But most of the Viagra sildenafil side effect are minor and does not stop people from taking advantage of Viagra’s benefit as an impotence treatment drug.

Viagra major side effect have been reported mainly due to improper use of the drug where people have taken Viagra with contraindicated drugs or under proscribed conditions. When taken with precaution and after seeking doctor’s prescription, Viagra sildenafil has a proven safety record.

Viagra sildenafil side effects

Like all other medicines, Viagra can also cause certain side effect. However, most of Viagra sildenafil side effect are usually mild to moderate and do not last for more than a few hours. Further, not everyone who uses Viagra is likely to suffer side effect. In fact, Viagra is found to be a well-tolerated drug in most people.

Even if Viagra side effects occur, the symptoms are usually minor meaning they require no treatment or are easily treated by you or your healthcare provider. Research has shown that most people do not stop taking Viagra because of the side effect.

Viagra sildenafil minor side effects

Viagra sildenafil does cause minor side effect but most of these side effects are mild to moderate and do not last longer than a few hours. Viagra side effecs are more likely to occur with higher doses.

Common Viagra sildenafil minor side effects include:

  1. Headache
  2. Facial flushing
  3. Upset stomach
  4. Nasal congestion
  5. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

In some cases Viagra sildenafil is reported to have caused temporary changes in color vision (such as trouble telling the difference between blue and green objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being more sensitive to light, or blurred vision. Other Viagra minor side effects include respiratory tract infections, back pain, flu-like symptoms and joint pain.

In case, any of the above listed Viagra minor side effect become particularly bothersome or lasts too long, please seek medical intervention immediately.

Viagra sildenafil major side effects

Viagra sildenafil major side effect are the same as those reported in its class of impotence treatment drugs like Cialis and Levitra. In rare cases, Viagra is reported to have caused priapism, a condition in which erections lasts longer than 4 hours. If this happens, please seek treatment right away, else permanent damage can occur to your penis.

Other rarely noticed Viagra major side effects include heart attack, stroke, irregular heart beats, and death on extremely rare occasion. Most of these Viagra major side effect occurred due to improper use of the medicines or due to the fact that most of the men had heart problems before taking Viagra. It has not been established whether the above reported Viagra major side effects were directly related to Viagra.

Viagra may cause serious side effect if used with nitrate and alpha-blocker medicines. Always discuss your health conditions and medicines you may be using while seeking prescription for impotence treatment drugs such as Viagra.

How to lessen Viagra sildenafil side effects?

Viagra sildenafil side effect can be minimized by taking the following precautions :

  1. Never use Viagra, unless it has been prescribed by a doctor, be it face-to-face or through an online consultation.
  2. Inform your doctor of all non-prescription and prescription medication you may be using, especially any nitrate medications, or high blood pressure medicines. Viagra is strictly contraindicated with these medications.
  3. Discuss your general health status with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to engage in sexual activity before you use Viagra for impotence treatment.
  4. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider if you experience any Viagra sildenafil side effects.
  5. Keep in mind that Viagra neither works as an aphrodisiac nor does it protect against sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., HIV, Hepatitis B, gonorrhea).
  6. Viagra is not licensed for use by women or children less than 18 years of age.
  7. For best results take Viagra on an empty stomach.
  8. Never take Viagra blue pills more than once in a day.
  9. Never alter Viagra dosage without first consulting your doctor.